How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther (Easy Action Steps)

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how to hit a golf ball

Ever feel frustrated when your golf ball dribbles off the tee instead of soaring down the fairway? Want your drives to impress your buddies and intimidate your opponents?

It’s time to ditch those weak hits. Weak golf shots not only add strokes to your scorecard, but they also sap your confidence and spoil the fun of the game.

The good news? You can unlock the secret to powerful drives that hit the middle of the fairway.

With a few simple tweaks, you’ll transform those short hits into straight shots that improve your overall golf game – and your enjoyment on the links.


Focus on the fundamentals

  • Setup: Address the ball correctly for maximum power.
  • Swing: Use your body for leverage, not just your arms.
  • Equipment: Make sure your clubs are the right fit for your swing.

Technique is key

  • Master a smooth, controlled swing for consistent contact.
  • Hit up on the ball with your driver to add loft and distance.
  • Practice, practice, practice – improvement comes with time.

Quick fix

  • Improve your setup for an immediate boost in power.
  • Focus on hitting the ball cleanly in the center of the clubface.
  • A wider stance can provide more stability and power.

Understand Your Swing

Before we discuss tweaking your game, it’s crucial to understand the mechanics of a good golf swing. The path of your swing, the grip on your club, and stance all play pivotal roles in how far and where your golf ball goes.

  • Swing Plane: The angle at which you swing your club can make or break your shot. Adjusting your swing plane to ensure consistency can significantly affect the distance your ball travels.
  • Grip: A neutral grip, where your hands are positioned neither too far to the left nor too right on the club, can help maintain control and improve the direction of your shots.
  • Stance: Balance is essential. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with a slight knee bend. The position of your feet, especially the lead foot, can influence your swing’s power and trajectory.

Easy Fixes for Immediate Results

1. Check Your Grip

A quick adjustment to how you hold your club can make a difference. Many golfers need to pay more attention to the power of the grip. Make sure your grip is strong but not too tight, allowing wrist flexibility, which is crucial for a powerful swing.

golf grip

2. Optimize Your Stance

Your stance sets the stage for your swing. Focus on positioning your feet correctly, aligning your body with the target line, and ensuring your weight is balanced between your heels and the balls of your feet. Minor adjustments here can lead to straighter, longer shots.

Optimize Your Stance

3. Improve Swing Tempo

Consistency in your swing tempo helps you hit the golf ball straight and far. Work on maintaining a rhythmic flow from backswing to follow-through. Avoid rushing your swing; smooth, controlled movements are essential.

Shooting golf ball

4. Adjust Your Swing Plane

A proper swing plane ensures that the club head follows a direct path to the ball, improving the likelihood of a straight shot. Practice keeping your club on a consistent plane with each swing to increase the accuracy and distance of your photos.

GOLF Swing

5. Focus on Your Follow-Through

A complete follow-through is essential for maximizing distance. Make sure your arms are fully extended, and your body faces the target at the end of your swing. This full motion ensures all your power is transferred to the ball.

Golf swing

Practice Drills for Distance

To turn these fixes into habits, practice is crucial. Here are a few drills to help you hit the ball farther:

  • The Tee Drill: Practice hitting balls off a tee to focus on making solid contact without worrying about hitting the ground first.
  • The Footwork Drill: Work on shifting your weight correctly during your swing by practicing swings with your feet together, then gradually widen your stance.
  • The Two-Ball Drill: Place two golf balls in front of you, an inch apart, and aim to hit both with your swing. This drill encourages a wider swing arc, leading to more powerful shots.

Equipment Check

Looking to maximize your distance and keep that golf ball straight? Here’s a quick checkpoint to make sure your gear is helping you smash those drives down the fairway:

  • Driver: Make sure your driver loft is adjusted to promote a slight upward angle at impact for maximum distance.
  • Fairway woods: Consider using a fairway wood off the tee for tighter fairways or windy conditions. They offer more control than the driver.
  • Golf balls: Using a high-performance golf ball can add yards to your shots, especially for slower swing speeds.

Remember, the right equipment can make a big difference for straighter golf shots and a more enjoyable time on the golf course. It’s worth experimenting to find what works best for your full swing.

Final Thoughts

Remember, distance is just one piece of the puzzle. Even the most extended drives won’t help if they find the rough or the woods.

Focus on making consistent contact with the ball in the center of the club face for straighter shots.

For most golfers, this will lead to more distance in the long run. It will also help you control your ball flight and keep it on the straight line to the putting green.

Even on short putts, ensure the club face is square at impact position to keep the ball rolling end-over-end on your intended line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my golf shots go such a short distance?

Lack of power often stems from poor setup, an inefficient swing that relies too much on the arms, or using clubs that don’t match your swing speed.

Is there a way to consistently hit the ball straight?

Yes! Focusing on a square clubface at impact, a proper grip, and an aligned stance will promote straighter shots every time.

How do I hit my irons farther?

Make sure you’re striking the center of the clubface for optimal power transfer. Also, consider checking if your irons’ shafts are the right flex for your swing.

Where can I find a good instructional video on hitting a golf ball properly?

Search platforms like YouTube where you’ll find countless high-quality tutorials. Look for channels with certified instructors, and don’t be afraid to watch several to find the approach that clicks for you.

What is your number one tip for better golf shots?

Prioritize a relaxed grip and smooth swing tempo. Tension and trying to “muscle” the shot through will sabotage your ball striking.

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