Full Swing Golf Simulator Review 2024

by | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Full Swing Golf Simulator

Want a pro-level golf practice experience without leaving home?

Are you tired of limited range time and inaccurate shot feedback?

It’s frustrating to miss out on practice due to weather or a busy schedule, hindering improvement.

The Full Swing Golf Simulator promises a realistic solution. With features like the Swing Kit launch monitor, Full Swing Kit, Full Swing Kit Studio, and Full Swing Kit Launch, this could be the answer to take your game to the next level.

Full Swing Golf Simulator
Full Swing Golf Simulator

Play golf anytime, anywhere! This golf simulator brings the course to you—no more rainouts or driving to the range.

What is a Golf Simulator?

The Full Swing Golf Simulator is a high-tech golf simulator that even professional golfers use! It uses fancy technology to track your Swing and show you exactly how the ball would fly. Pretty cool.

In addition to the simulator, you can get a whole enclosure with a hitting mat and projector to feel like you’re out on the course. And if you get tired of golf, you can even use it to play other sports games!

The Team behind Full Swing.

Full Swing Golf was founded by Floyd Arnold in 1986. The company initially sold other golf simulator brands but wasn’t happy with the accuracy.

In 1991, they started making their simulators! Their goal is to create the most realistic and helpful golf experiences, from simulators to launch monitors like the Swing Kit, so that you can improve your game indoors or out.

What should I check when buying a Golf Simulator?

Full Swing Golf Simulator
  • Does it fit? Ensure you have enough space in your house for the simulator and room to swing freely.
  • What’s your goal? If you want to have fun, a cheaper simulator is fine. Serious golfers need more accuracy and detail.
  • Picture perfect? How important are realistic graphics to you? Some simulators look more like video games, while others are super lifelike.
  • Can it track everything? The best simulators measure your swing and the ball’s flight and give you lots of information to help you practice.
  • Extra goodies? Some simulators let you play famous courses, compete online, or even get lessons from a pro.

Key Insights:

  • The price varies greatly. Simulators can be a few hundred bucks or more expensive than a used car!
  • Try before you buy! Nothing beats hitting a few shots on the simulator to see if you like how it feels.

Full Swing Golf Simulator Models

1. Full Swing Pro 2.0 Simulator

Okay, this is the real deal. It’s what the pros like Tiger Woods use. It’s accurate, tracks everything about your swing, and has fantastic graphics.

Full Swing Golf Simulator

Key Benefits

  • Serious Accuracy: It uses overhead cameras and fancy tracking to see exactly what your club and the ball are doing.
  • It feels like the Real Thing: You see your ball fly on the screen like on a natural course. Instant feedback!
  • Packed with Data: Learn about your spin rate, launch angles, and all the geeky stuff to improve your game.
  • Built to Last: Comes with a hefty warranty, so you know it’s made well.

Our Take

0out of 10

I give it an 8/10. It's fantastic if you want the best tech, and money is no object. But it's overkill for most casual golfers.


  • Ouch, it's pricey: Starts around $50,000. That's just the basics.
  • Upgrades Galore: You can add better software, a more excellent hitting surface, and a bigger screen, as well as the work. The price can easily double!


  • Best-in-class accuracy
  • There are tons of courses and game modes
  • Pro-level analysis tools


  • Crazy expensive
  • It takes up a lot of space
  • Setup can be complex

2. Full Swing Sport Series Simulator

Think of this as the "little brother" to the Pro Series. Still, it's super accurate with the cool tracking tech Full Swing is known for. It's a good balance between serious practice tools and plain old fun.

Full Swing Golf Simulator

Key Benefits

  • Real Ball Flight: See your shots on the screen; no weird delays. It helps you learn what different swings do.
  • Solid Data: Get the key stats like ball speed, club path, and more to improve your game.
  • Smaller Footprint: Fits in tighter spaces than the Pro Series and is good for a garage or game room.
  • Warranty: A good warranty is included for peace of mind.

Our Take

0out of 10

I'd give it a 7.5/10. It's a fantastic simulator if you have the budget and want a realistic experience without going pro-level.


  • Starts at $44,900: That gets you the basic setup.
  • Upgrades: You can add fancier software, course packages, a nicer screen, etc.


  • Great accuracy for the price
  • Fun to play with friends and family
  • Smaller size fits more homes


  • It is still expensive for most budgets
  • Not quite the same data level as the Pro Series
Full Swing Golf Simulator

3. Full Swing Virtual Green

This isn't a whole simulator; it's the putting part. Imagine a high-tech putting green that can change slopes and breaks. It's designed to work with a Full Swing Simulator for the ultimate short-game practice.

Full Swing Golf simulator

Key Benefits

  • Master Any Putt: It can change the slope up to 8 degrees and create any tricky break.
  • See the Line: Projects the ideal putting line right onto the green, which is terrific for training.
  • Data-Driven Putting: Works with your simulator to track the path of your putter and ball stats.
  • Built Tough: Made to withstand thousands and thousands of putts.

Our Take

0out of 10

I'd give it a 6/10. It's incredible tech if money is no object and you're obsessed with improving your putting. But it's a niche product for most golfers.


  • Prepare for Sticker Shock: Starts around $30,000
  • Upgrades: Mostly software-related, like more putting course options.


  • Most realistic putting practice you can get at home
  • It is a great way to dial in a short game with a Full-swing simulator


  • Super expensive
  • It takes up quite a bit of space
  • It only makes sense if you ALREADY have a Full Swing sim
Full Swing Golf simulator

Top Benefits of Full Swing Golf Simulator

  • See Your Shot Data: Get instant feedback on every Swing. The simulator measures ball speed, distance, and spin to help you analyze your game.
  • Level Up Your Swing: With all that data, you can pinpoint how to improve. Track your progress and make those frustrating shots a thing of the past.
  • Build Your Dream Golf Room: Want the whole experience? Full Swing offers setups to transform a room into your indoor golf studio.
  • It's Not Just Golf: Are you tired of hitting balls? The simulator can also be used for other sports and games and for fun with the whole family.
  • Trusted by the Pros: These simulators are used by professional golfers, so you know they're high quality!
  • Practice Like Tiger: Even Tiger Woods uses Full Swing Golf Simulators to practice his Swing at home. That's good enough for us!
  • PGA Coaching Available: Want to improve your game even faster? The simulator allows you to get instruction from PGA Professionals.
Full Swing Golf Simulator

Best Features of Full Swing Golf Simulator

Full Swing Golf Simulators aren't just fancy video games. They pack some seriously cool tech to make your practice sessions realistic and helpful. Let's dive into some of the best features they offer:

1. It's Like Using Radar on Your Golf Swing

The Swing Kit launch monitor is like having a mini-radar for tracking your golf ball! It uses unique technology to measure everything: how fast you swing, the angle of the club, if you hit the sweet spot, and more.

All this info helps you understand your Swing better than just watching your ball fly (or not fly) at the driving range.

2. Play the World's Best Courses

Have you always wanted to play a fancy golf course but need more time or money? The Full Swing simulator lets you try out realistic versions of famous courses. You can even try different weather conditions, so you're ready for anything on tournament day!

3. Super Accurate Ball Tracking

The simulator doesn't just guess how your ball flies. It uses unique cameras and sensors for a realistic experience. You'll see how factors like wind and the slope of the green affect your shots, making practice sessions way more helpful.

4. The Tiger Woods Seal of Approval

Did you know Tiger Woods uses Full Swing simulators? If the best golfer in the world (well, one of the best!) trusts it, you know it has to be good!

5. More than Just Golf

Sure, the main goal is improving your golf game. But Full Swing simulators also offer other sports and fun mini-games. This makes it an excellent option for the whole family, even if everyone still needs to get into golf!

6. Get Instant Feedback to Fix Your Swing

The Full Swing app is like your personal golf coach! After each shot, you see tons of numbers and info about your Swing. This data might initially sound confusing, but it tells you what you did right and wrong.

Over time, you'll start to see patterns and know exactly where to focus for improvement. It's basically like having a slow-motion X-ray of your Swing.

Full Swing Golf Simulator Pros and Cons

Before splashing out on a fancy simulator, weighing the good and the not-so-good is good. Here's a quick look at the pros and cons of Full Swing Golf Simulators:


  • Super Realistic Practice: It's as close to playing an actual round of golf as you can get indoors.
  • Tons of Data: Get instant feedback on your Swing to determine exactly what to improve.
  • Play World-Famous Courses: No need for plane tickets – play the most excellent courses from home.
  • Trusted by the Best: Even pros like Tiger Woods use this tech!


  • Pricey: These are serious investments, not cheap toys.
  • Need Space: You'll need a decent-sized room to set one up properly.
  • Can be Complex: All that data can be overwhelming if you're new to golf tech.

Full Swing Golf Simulator Alternatives

1. SkyTrak

Another popular launch monitor is known for being more portable and slightly more affordable than Full Swing.

2. Foresight Sports GCQuad

This high-end simulator offers super-accurate data and is a favorite among serious golfers.

3. TruGolf

Offers realistic golf simulators with high-quality graphics and a user-friendly experience.

4. Uneekor EYE XO 

This high-end simulator provides a realistic experience for severe golfers looking for accuracy.

Personal Experience with Full Swing Golf Simulator

My golf buddies and I were frustrated. We loved the game, but getting to the driving range took too long. Then, we decided to invest in a swing Golf Simulator, which changed how we practiced! Here's how it helped us improve:

Full Swing Golf Simulator
  • Perfecting Our Swings: The simulator's radar-powered club tracking and ball data showed us exactly where our swings needed work (spoiler alert: we all had terrible habits!).
  • Playing the World's Best: Rainy days can't stop us now! We play famous golf courses without even leaving the house. It's great for learning how to handle different course challenges.
  • Making Practice Fun: Between the realistic graphics and the ability to play mini-games, even our less golf-obsessed friends enjoy practicing with us.
  • Data-Driven Improvement: The simulator tracks tons of data points about every Swing. We can see our progress and know exactly what to keep practicing to lower our scores.

Final Thoughts

Look, Full Swing Golf Simulators are the real deal. They're like having a pro-level practice setup and a fancy golf vacation. But let's be honest, they aren't cheap.

If you've got severe golf goals, money to spare, and a place to put it, then heck yeah, it's worth it! But if you're a casual player or on a tight budget, don't worry—you can still work on your game at home in other ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes full-swing simulators so accurate?

Full Swing uses a mix of cool tech: high-speed cameras, special radar, and launch angle sensors. This combo closely tracks your club and the ball, giving you a realistic ball flight like a natural course!

How much space do I need for a Full Swing Golf Simulator?

Full Swing offers a ton of famous courses from across the globe! Think classic ones like Pebble Beach or St. Andrews. You can try different layouts and weather conditions, making practice more fun and realistic.

Do I need a particular computer or software?

Full Swing offers different simulator packages depending on your needs. Some come with a laptop, while others might require you to use your own. They'll tell you precisely what you need to get it up and running!

How much space do I need for a full-swing simulator?

It depends on the package you choose. Full Swing has options for smaller and larger spaces, and they can even help you with the ideal setup for your room. Visit their website for recommended dimensions before buying.

Is it only for golf?

Nope! Most Full Swing simulators let you play other sports or fun games. So, even if your friends or family aren't super into golf, they can still get in on the action with virtual sports fun.