Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

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Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls

Everyone talks about needing expensive golf balls to play well. But is that true?

You want to improve your game, but spending a ton on golf balls seems crazy.

Kirkland Signature golf balls prove you can get excellent performance without breaking the bank.


Costco keeps the maker of Kirkland golf balls a secret. They started with a reputable South Korean company (Nassau Golf) and might have switched to a Chinese manufacturer (Qingdao SM Parker). The mystery keeps the price low, and the buzz around Kirkland balls high!

Kirkland – Shaking Up the Golf World

Think of the golf industry as a fancy club with expensive membership.

Premium golf ball brands are like the big names everyone knows, and their prices show it!

But Kirkland Signature ball is crashing the party and turning things upside down.

Kirkland Golf Ball
Kirkland Signature 1

Upgrade your putting game with the Kirkland Signature 1. This precision-crafted putter features premium 303 stainless steel and adjustable weighting.

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s brand. They make all sorts of stuff, and their mission is simple: excellent quality at prices that don’t make you sweat.

This applies to their golf balls, too. Kirkland golf balls are shockingly cheap compared to the fancy brands, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

The secret is that Costco doesn’t make all its stuff from scratch. It partners with experienced companies that specialize in making one thing really well.

The Kirkland name goes on it, and you get that top-notch quality without the crazy price tag. It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially for golfers!

Kirkland Balls – Do They Deliver?

Okay, so Kirkland golf balls are cheap. But the big question is whether they work on the golf course. Let’s break it down:

  • The Long Game: Kirkland balls give you a reasonable distance off the tee. You’ll see a solid, powerful flight when you crush one with your driver speed.
  • Control Matters: They offer decent spin, which means you can shape your shots and get the ball to stop on those tricky putting greens.
  • The Feel Factor: Some players think Kirkland balls feel slightly firmer than some super-expensive brands. But honestly, the difference isn’t huge.

Here’s the bottom line: Using a Kirkland golf ball will not magically transform you into a pro golfer. However, they deliver more than enough performance for the average player. When you consider the price, they’re an absolute no-brainer.

Think of it like this: Would you rather lose an expensive yellow ball in the woods or a cheaper Kirkland? Imagine how much less stressed you’d feel hitting a risky shot over a pond, knowing you have more Kirkland balls ready. Sometimes, playing more brilliantly means choosing an affordable ball that still performs well.

Kirkland Golf Ball

The Kirkland Secret

Here’s where things get a little mysterious.

Costco likes to keep the exact makers of their Kirkland Signature golf balls under wraps. It’s like a secret ingredient in their recipe for excellent value! But here’s what we do know:

  • The Original Manufacturer: It’s been confirmed that a South Korean company called Nassau Golf was the first to produce Kirkland Signature golf balls. Nassau knows their stuff when it comes to making great balls!
  • A Possible Switch: Rumors are swirling that Kirkland might have switched to a new manufacturer based in China. Golf detectives have been digging for clues, and things point towards a company called Qingdao SM Parker.

Does It Even Matter?

The big question is: does changing who makes the balls change how they play?

Most golfers say there’s very little difference between Kirkland balls’ old and new versions. You still get that excellent spin, decent distance, and satisfying feel.

Think of it like your favorite snack.

Would you care if the company changed where they make it, but the taste is the same?

With Kirkland golf balls, it’s all about the performance on the course, not the name on the factory. And at a price of way less than two dozen fancy golf balls, it’s hard to argue!

Kirkland Golf Ball

Why the Big Secret?

You might wonder why Costco keeps everyone guessing who maker Kirkland Signature golf balls. Here are a few possible reasons:

  • Protecting Their Deal: Revealing the manufacturer could give competitors a peek at how Costco gets such great prices on their Kirkland balls. This could make it harder to keep those prices low.
  • Avoiding Drama: If a premium ball brand is secretly behind the Kirkland ball, it could cause a stir. Big-name brands might not want their expensive balls compared to a discount option.
  • The Kirkland Buzz: A little mystery makes things interesting! It gets golfers talking and fuels curiosity about Kirkland Signature performance.

Think of it like this: Would you instead hit a long, straight drive with a Kirkland ball or know precisely where it was manufactured? Costco bets that you’ll care more about that satisfying “thwack,” the penetrating ball flight, and the ball rolling into the hole on the putting green than who assembled the ball. From the reviews, it seems like they might be right!

Kirkland Golf Ball

Does the Manufacturer Matter?

So, we’ve explored the possible manufacturers of Kirkland Signature golf balls and the reasons for all the secrecy. But here’s the most critical question: should any of that sway your decision to try them?

Here’s why a lot of golfers say “no”:

  • Performance is King: The ultimate test is how the ball performs on the course. If Kirkland balls give you good ball speed, help you shape shots, and feel great on the putting green, does the manufacturer truly matter?
  • Costco’s Got Your Back: Costco is known for quality control. They won’t put their name on a product that doesn’t deliver, regardless of who physically makes their Kirkland Signature balls.

However, here’s one reason why it MIGHT matter to some:

  • Supporting Your Values: Some people care about where products are made or the specific companies they support. If that’s a priority, the lack of info about Kirkland ball manufacturers might be a concern.

The bottom line: It’s up to you! If you’re happy with the Kirkland ball’s performance and love saving money on a few rounds, who made it less important?

You can’t argue with sinking putts, hitting those long drives off the tee, and saving cash compared to premium balls!

Kirkland Golf Ball

Why Kirkland Balls Are a Smart Play

Kirkland Signature golf balls aren’t just a good deal; they’re a brilliant choice for a lot of reasons:

  • Money Talks: You can buy a box of Kirkland balls for less than some brands charge for just a few! This saves you a ton of cash, especially if you lose a ball or two during a round.
  • Performance Isn’t Sacrificed: Kirkland balls aren’t a miracle cure for a bad swing, but they deliver where it counts. You’ll get reasonable distance, control on approach shots, and satisfying soft urethane cover feels around the greens.
  • Who They’re Perfect For:
    • Still Learning: If your game is improving, expensive balls aren’t necessary. Kirkland balls are forgiving and more than capable.
    • Budget Ballers: Do you love golf but hate high prices? Kirkland lets you play more often for way less money.
    • The “Oops!” Crowd”: We all hit the occasional awful shot. We were losing cheap Kirkland stings less than ditching a fancy ball in the woods.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Limited Options: Kirkland offers mainly one type of performance ball. If you need super-specific spin characteristics, you might need to look elsewhere.
  • Feel Factor: Some players find Kirkland’s a bit firmer than premium balls. It’s honestly a personal preference.

Kirkland Signature golf balls prove that a great ball doesn’t need a high price tag.

Give them a shot! The money you save might go towards those new clubs you’ve been eyeing or even an extra round with your buddies!

Kirkland Golf Ball


The real question isn’t who makes Kirkland Signature golf balls. It’s whether they can help your game and your wallet.

The answer is a big yes! They fly far, spin well, and cost less than fancy brands. Perfect if you’re still learning or lose a few balls each round.

You might notice they feel slightly firmer, but who cares? Grab some Kirkland balls, hit the course, and have fun without breaking the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kirkland golf balls good?

Absolutely! Kirkland golf balls deliver impressive performance considering their budget-friendly price. You’ll get reasonable distance, enough spin for control, and a soft feel – perfect for most casual golfers.

How do Kirkland golf balls compare to premium brands?

Kirkland golf balls hold their own against expensive brands. Many players won’t notice a significant difference in on-course performance. You might find them slightly firmer, but it’s a matter of preference.

Who benefits most from Kirkland golf balls?

Kirkland balls are an excellent choice for mid-to-high handicappers, budget-conscious golfers, and anyone prone to losing a few balls per round.

Will Kirkland golf balls work with my swing?

Kirkland golf balls are designed to suit a wide range of players. They offer a balanced mix of distance and control for most swing types.

Why are Kirkland golf balls so cheap?

Kirkland saves money by not spending on flashy advertising and by partnering with experienced manufacturers. This lets them pass the savings on to you!

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