7 Best Golf Shoes for Comfort and Grip in 2024

by | May 30, 2024

Best Overall FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon
FootJoy Pro SL Carbon

Experience unmatched comfort and stability with the Pro/SL Carbon’s innovative StratoFoam midsole and carbon fiber plate.

Best Value Skechers Go Golf Elite 5
Skechers Go Golf Elite 5

This budget-friendly option offers lightweight comfort and reliable grip without breaking the bank.

Most Featured Adidas Tour360 24
Adidas Tour360 24

This iconic shoe boasts a superior grip, responsive cushioning, and enhanced stability for a tour-level performance.

Best Golf Shoes

Battling sore feet on the course is a major mood killer.

You’re focused on your swing, but your shoes are screaming for a time-out. Wouldn’t it be great if your feet felt as good on the 18th green as they did on the first tee?

Imagine playing your best round ever with zero distractions. That’s the power of the right golf shoes. But with so many options out there, how do you find the perfect pair? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the seven best golf shoes for comfort and grip so you can walk (or cart, no judgment!) your way to a pain-free round.

No more blisters, no more sore arches, just pure, unadulterated golfing bliss. Ready to step up your shoe game?

What Are the Best Golf Shoes?

With multiple options flooding the market, finding the best golf shoes for your needs can feel like a challenge. But fear not, fellow golfer!

We’ve sifted through countless reviews and hit the fairways to curate a list of the top performers. Whether you prefer the classic feel of spiked golf shoes or the versatility of spikeless golf shoes, we’ve got you covered.

1. FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon

Have you ever heard of a golf shoe so comfy it feels like walking on clouds? Meet the FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon Golf Shoe. It’s like your favorite pair of sneakers but made for the green.

FootJoy Pro SL Carbon

Our Take

0out of 10

It's a top-tier golf shoe that excels in comfort, stability, and performance. While the price may be a deterrent for some, the exceptional quality and performance make it a worthwhile investment for serious golfers who value their comfort on the course.

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched Comfort: Features the innovative StratoFoam midsole for cloud-like cushioning.
  • Superior Stability: Carbon fiber plate in the sole for exceptional support during your swing.
  • Spikeless Traction: Provides excellent grip on any terrain, even in wet conditions.
  • Luxurious Fit: Premium leather upper molds to your foot for a personalized feel.
  • Waterproof Protection: Guaranteed to keep your feet dry in light rain or morning dew.
  • Breathable Design: Allows air to circulate, preventing sweaty feet on hot days.
  • Stylish Aesthetics: Classic design with modern touches for a sophisticated look.
  • Built to Last: Establish with high-quality materials for long-lasting durability.


  • Price: Starting at $109.95
FootJoy Pro SL Carbon


  • I love how my feet feel supported but not restricted throughout my round.
  • The grip is outstanding, even in damp conditions, giving me confidence in every swing.
  • The classic style looks great both on and off the course.


  • The price point is a bit high, but the performance and quality justify the investment.
  • It takes a couple of rounds to break them in for optimal comfort.

2. Adidas Tour360 24

Ready for a shoe that's as legendary as your swing? The Adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoe is an icon reborn. It's the perfect blend of cutting-edge and classic design technology, making it a favorite among pros and amateurs alike.

Adidas Tour360 24

Our Take

0out of 10

It's a performance powerhouse that delivers on all fronts. The stability, grip, and comfort are unparalleled, making it a notable investment for serious golfers looking to elevate their game and look good doing it.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Stability: The new Torsion Bridge provides exceptional support throughout your swing.
  • Superior Grip: Features a Thintech 7-Spike Outsole for unmatched traction on any terrain.
  • Responsive Cushioning: Boost cushioning technology delivers energy return with every step.
  • Premium Fit: Dual-fit collar and 3D Fit Foam mold to your foot for a personalized feel.
  • Waterproof Protection: Guaranteed to keep your feet dry in even the wettest conditions.
  • Breathable Construction: Lightweight upper materials promote airflow and prevent overheating.
  • Timeless Style: Classic design with modern details for a sophisticated look on the course.
  • Proven Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials to withstand years of play.


  • Price: Starting at $60.26
Adidas Tour360 24


  • I love the locked-in feeling I get during my swing, thanks to the amazing stability.
  • The grip is phenomenal, giving me confidence in every shot, no matter the conditions.
  • The stylish design is a head-turner on the course.


  • The price is a little steep for casual golfers, but the performance justifies the investment.
  • It takes a few rounds to break them in fully.

3. Ecco Biom C4

Ready to ditch the spikes without sacrificing grip? The Ecco Biom C4 Golf Shoe is your answer for you. This spikeless wonder delivers exceptional traction, comfort, and style, making it a popular choice for golfers seeking versatility.

Ecco Biom C4

Our Take

0out of 10

It's a fantastic option for golfers seeking comfort, grip, and versatility in a spikeless shoe. The combination of innovative premium materials and technologies makes it a worthy investment for those who value performance and sustainability.

Key Benefits

  • Natural Motion Technology: Encourages a more natural walking motion and reduces fatigue.
  • Gore-Tex Surround Waterproofing: Offers 360° breathability and guaranteed waterproof protection.
  • MTN Grip Outsole: Innovative lug design provides outstanding traction on various terrains.
  • FluidForm Direct Comfort Technology: Creates a lightweight and flexible shoe that adapts to your foot.
  • Exceptional Comfort: Anatomical fit and cushioning for all-day comfort on the course.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality yak leather for a luxurious feel and durability.
  • Stylish Design: Modern aesthetics with subtle details for a refined look.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainable practices and materials.


  • Price: Starting at $270
Ecco Biom C4


  • I love the freedom of movement and natural feel these shoes provide.
  • The waterproof protection is a game-changer, keeping my feet dry even in unexpected showers.
  • The grip is surprisingly strong for a spikeless shoe, giving me confidence on every shot.


  • The price is on the higher end, but the quality and technology justify the investment.
  • They may not provide the same level of lateral stability as spiked shoes for aggressive swingers.

4. Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 3

Want to feel like you're walking on air? The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 3 Golf Shoe delivers just that. Combining classic Nike style with cutting-edge cushioning technology, these shoes are designed for all-day performance and comfort.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 3

Our Take

0out of 10

It's a fantastic option for golfers who prioritize comfort and style. The responsive cushioning and versatile traction make it a great choice for walking the course, while the sleek design will turn heads on and off the green.

Key Benefits

  • Responsive Cushioning: Nike Zoom Air component in the heel and forefoot for exceptional comfort and energy return.
  • Premium Leather Upper: Offers a luxurious feel, water resistance, and durability.
  • Hybrid Outsole: Combines integrated traction with removable spikes for versatile performance.
  • Secure Fit: The internal strap wraps your midfoot for a snug and supportive feel.
  • Breathable Design: Perforations in the upper allow air to circulate, keeping your feet cool.
  • Modern Style: Sleek and sophisticated design with iconic Nike details.


  • Price: Starting at $87.90
Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 3


  • The cushioning is incredibly comfortable, making it feel like I'm walking on clouds.
  • The hybrid outsole provides excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • The stylish design is a perfect blend of classic and modern.


  • The water resistance isn't as robust as some other shoes on this list.
  • The price point may be a bit high for some golfers.

5. Under Armour Drive Pro SL

Looking for a lightweight and breathable golf shoe that won't weigh you down? The Under Armour Drive Pro SL Golf Shoe fits the bill. It's designed for golfers who want a minimalist shoe that still delivers on performance and comfort.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL

Our Take

0out of 10

It's a great option for golfers seeking a lightweight and breathable shoe with a good grip and a reasonable price. If you prefer a minimalist design and value comfort and performance, these shoes are worth considering.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight Construction: Weighs only 11 ounces for a barely-there feel on your feet.
  • Breathable Upper: Microfiber upper with laser perforations for exceptional breathability.
  • Charged Cushioning: Provides responsive comfort and energy return with every step.
  • Rotational Resistance Spikes: Offer excellent grip and stability during your swing.
  • Waterproof Membrane: Make your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Low-Profile Design: Offers a minimalist aesthetic for golfers who prefer a sleek look.


  • Price: Starting at $170
Under Armour Drive Pro SL


  • I love how light and airy these shoes feel on my feet, especially on hot days.
  • The grip is surprisingly strong for such a lightweight shoe.
  • The price is very reasonable for the quality and performance you get.


  • The minimalist design may not provide enough support for some golfers.
  • The waterproofing isn't as robust as some other shoes on this list.

6. Skechers Go Golf Elite 5

Want performance and comfort without breaking the bank? The Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Golf Shoe is a budget-friendly option that makes quality high. These shoes are known for their exceptional comfort and reliable traction, making them a popular choice for golfers of all levels.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5

Our Take

0out of 10

It's a fantastic value for the price, offering comfort, grip, and decent water resistance. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive shoes, it's a solid choice for golfers who prioritize comfort and affordability.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-Lightweight Design: Weighs only 10.2 ounces for a featherlight feel.
  • Responsive Cushioning: Goga Mat insole and Ultra Go midsole provide excellent comfort and shock absorption.
  • Grip Flex Spikeless Outsole: Delivers reliable traction on various terrains.
  • Water-Resistant Upper: Repels moisture to keep your feet dry in light rain or dew.
  • Comfort Collar: Padded collar for a snug and comfortable fit around the ankle.
  • Affordable Price: One of the most budget-friendly alternatives on this list.


  • Price: Starting at $65.83
Skechers Go Golf Elite 5


  • I love the lightweight feel and how comfortable these shoes are right out of the box.
  • The grip is surprisingly good for a spikeless shoe at this price point.
  • The value for money is outstanding, making them a great choice for budget-conscious golfers.


  • The water resistance isn't as robust as some other shoes on this list.
  • The design may not be as stylish as some of the other options.

7. Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged

Looking for a shoe that's as bold as your game? The Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged Golf Shoe is a head-turner on the course. With its unique caged design and vibrant colors, these shoes make a statement while delivering comfort and performance.

Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged

Our Take

0out of 10

It's a stylish and comfortable shoe with great grip. While the design may be polarizing, it's a great option for golfers who want to make a statement on the course and prioritize stability and traction.

Key Benefits

  • Pwradapt Technology: Adaptive fit system provides 360-degree support and a locked-in feel.
  • Ignite Foam Cushioning: Offers responsive comfort and energy return with every step.
  • PWRCage Technology: Provides additional support and stability during your swing.
  • GripZone Traction: Strategic lug placement for exceptional grip on various terrains.
  • Waterproof Upper: Keeps your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Bold Design: Eye-catching style with vibrant colors and unique caged construction.


  • Price: Starting at $84.99
Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged


  • I love the unique design and how they stand out on the course.
  • The grip is excellent, even in wet conditions, giving me confidence in every shot.
  • The fit is snug and supportive, thanks to the Pwradapt technology.


  • The caged design may not be for everyone, as it can feel a bit restrictive for some.
  • The breathability could be better, especially on hot days.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Shoes?

  • Comfort: Look for shoes with ample support and cushioning, especially in the midsole and heel.
  • Fit: Ensure a snug fit that doesn't pinch or rub, allowing for natural movement of your feet.
  • Traction: Choose between spiked or spikeless shoes based on your playing style and course conditions.
  • Stability: Opt for shoes that offer lateral support to prevent your feet from rolling during your swing.
  • Waterproofing: Consider waterproof or water-resistant shoes if you often play in wet conditions.
  • Breathability: Choose shoes made from clean materials to keep your feet dry and cool.
  • Style: Select shoes that match your taste and complement your golfing attire.
  • Durability: Invest in high-quality golf shoes that can withstand wear and tear for multiple seasons.

How Can a Golf Shoe Elevate Your Gaming Experience?

Have you ever considered how your golf shoes can make or break your game? The right pair can do more than complement your outfit – they can significantly enhance your performance and overall enjoyment on the golf course.

Comfortable golf shoes provide essential support and cushioning, allowing you to focus on your swing and reducing fatigue, not your aching feet.

Golf Monthly suggests that a good pair can even improve your balance and stability, leading to more consistent shots.

And don't underestimate the power of traction. Whether you opt for a traditional spiked shoe or a modern spikeless design, proper grip is crucial for maintaining balance during your swing and preventing slips on dewy fairways or wet greens.

Investing in the right footwear can truly elevate your game, making every round more enjoyable and successful.

Buyer's Guide

When doing our research to find the best golf shoes, we determined our recommendations using these factors:

  1. Pricing: We compared the cost of each shoe, considering the different pricing options and upgrades available.
  2. Features: We analyzed the key benefits of each shoe, focusing on comfort, fit, traction, stability, waterproofing, breathability, style, and durability. We also considered any unique features, such as spikeless designs or innovative technologies like G/FORE's Gallivanter shoes.
  3. Negatives: We identified any potential drawbacks of each shoe, such as lack of support, limited breathability, or high price points.
  4. Support or Refund: We looked into the manufacturer's customer support options and return policies to ensure you have peace of mind when purchasing.
  5. Reviews and Testimonials: We scoured online reviews and testimonials from golfers of all levels to get real-world feedback on the performance and best-looking shoes on the market.
  6. Expert Opinions: We consulted golf equipment experts and professionals for their insights and recommendations on the best golf shoes for various needs and preferences.
  7. Brand Reputation: We considered the reputation and track record of each brand in the golf industry, focusing on their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

Finding the perfect pair of golf shoes doesn't have to be a bogey. Remember, the ideal golf shoe will boost your confidence on the course, elevate your performance, and keep you comfortable throughout your round.

Consider your individual needs, prioritize maximum comfort, ensure the correct size, and explore features like the waterproof nature of the Ecco Biom C4 or the bold style of G/FORE.

If you want to dive deeper into any of these golf shoes, check out our full reviews for a more in-depth analysis. And remember, a great pair of golf shoes is just as important as your favorite golf balls – they can choose all the differences in your game.

Now, go out there and conquer the course in comfort and style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

It depends on your personal preference and playing conditions. Spiked shoes offer maximum grip, especially in wet conditions, while spikeless shoes are more versatile and comfortable for walking.

Which are the most comfortable golf shoes?

Comfort is subjective, but shoes with ample cushioning, a good fit, and breathable materials are generally considered the most comfortable. Some top picks for comfort include the FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon and the Ecco Biom C4.

How long do golf shoes typically last?

The lifespan of golf shoes varies depending on the quality, frequency of use, and care. However, with proper maintenance, high-quality golf shoes can last for several seasons.

Can I wear golf shoes off the course?

While some spikeless golf shoes can be worn casually, it's generally not recommended to wear spiked golf shoes off the course as they can damage floors and may not be comfortable for everyday wear.

How do I clean and maintain my golf shoes?

After each round, remove dirt and debris with a brush. If your shoes are wet, let them air dry naturally. For leather shoes, apply a leather and conditioner to keep them supple and prevent cracking.