9 Best Womens Beginner Golf Clubs for 2024

by | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Best Overall Callaway Women’s Strata
Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Complete coverage, ultimate forgiveness, and Callaway’s trusted name make this the ideal choice for beginners seeking a well-rounded set.

Best Value Aspire XD1

This budget-friendly set includes all your essential clubs, forgiving features, and fun color options, offering unbeatable value for beginners on a budget.

Most Featured Cobra Women’s F-Max
Cobra Women’s F-Max Complete Set

Lightweight design, maximum distance potential, and innovative forgiveness technologies make this a feature-packed set for power players.

Are you a woman new to golf? The wrong gear can suck the fun out of the game fast.

Choosing the right golf clubs is essential to improving your skills and finding more enjoyment on the course.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best women’s beginner golf clubs on the market. We want to give you the tools to take your game to the next level.

Get ready to explore our top picks and find the perfect set to supercharge your golfing journey.

Best Women's Beginner Golf Clubs

Our Pick- Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate

  • Key Features:
    • 16-piece set including essential clubs and accessories
    • Lightweight graphite shafts for ease of use
    • High forgiveness across all clubs
    • Designed specifically for women’s swing speeds and physical characteristics
  • Pricing: $399.99 for a comprehensive set
  • Pros:
    • Comprehensive coverage for various play situations
    • Excellent value for beginners
    • High-quality, durable components
  • Cons:
    • Some players may outgrow the set as skills advance
  • Overall Rating: 9.5/10 – Offers unparalleled value, quality, and a complete package for beginners.

What Are the Best Women’s Beginner Golf Clubs in 2024?

Finding the perfect starter set is crucial for your golf bag.

Get ready to discover our list (Inspired by the United States Golf Association) of top picks to ensure you’re equipped with all the clubs you need to play golf as women golfers!

1. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate

This set’s got your back from tee to green.

It delivers fantastic value for beginners who want a trusted golf brand’s quality. Ready for some serious distance?

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Our Take

0out of 10

Perfect set for beginners focused on distance, fun, and learning the game without breaking the bank!

Key Benefits

  • Forgiving as Heck: Large clubheads help you make solid contact more often.
  • Smooth Swings: Ladies flex graphite shafts help you generate easy power.
  • Maximum Distance: High lofts on every club get the ball airborne fast.
  • Complete Coverage: You get a driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putter, and a lightweight bag!
  • Proven Brand: Callaway knows golf gear. Expect quality and a solid warranty.


  • Complete Set Price: around $400 – a great value for everything included
  • Upgrades: Not available for individual club customization within the set.
Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set


  • Limited customization within the set
  • Super forgiving clubs boost confidence
  • Designed for distance even on slower swings.


  • May not be ideal as skills advance
  • Limited customization within the set

2. Wilson Staff Women’s Launch Pad

Say goodbye to those frustrating shots that dig into the turf!

This set is all about making golf easier and helping you avoid those dreaded chunks.

Wilson Staff Women’s Launch Pad Golf Club Set

Our Take

0out of 10

A fantastic choice for beginners focused on cleaner contact and simply getting the ball in the air!

Key Benefits

  • Chunk-proof Design: Unique sole design keeps the club head gliding over the turf for cleaner contact.
  • Effortless Launch: High lofts and a low center of gravity send the ball skyward without a massive power swing.
  • Lightweight Build: Graphite shafts and lightweight heads mean faster swings and more distance.
  • Flexible Setup: Available in both complete sets and individual club options.
  • Trusted Brand: Wilson is another mainstay in golf, known for quality innovation.


  • Complete Set Price: Around $514.26, offering excellent value for a quality set
  • Individual Club Options: Available for those who want to customize their bag build
Wilson Staff Women’s Launch Pad Golf Club Set


  • Ideal for beginners who struggle with hitting shots cleanly
  • Boosts confidence and helps you enjoy the game more
  • Option to mix and match with other clubs


  • May feel less traditional in appearance due to design
  • Not ideal for faster, advanced swing speeds

3. Cobra Women’s F-Max

This set is about pure ease and helping you unlock your longest, most consistent shots.

If you want a confidence boost and plenty of forgiveness, Cobra has you covered!

Cobra Women’s F-Max Complete Set

Our Take

0out of 10

A fantastic choice for distance-minded beginners looking for a forgiving set from a top-tier brand.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight Everything: Super-light shafts, grips, and club heads maximize swing speed potential.
  • Distance-Focused Design: Offset clubs and weighting promote straighter, longer ball flight.
  • Maximum Forgiveness: Large faces and perimeter weighting help even your off-center hits fly well.
  • Hybrid & Iron Options: You can choose between a full set or just hybrids and irons.
  • Trusted Brand: Cobra is synonymous with innovative, performance-driven gear.


The Cobra Women’s F-Max Complete Set is priced at $1,399.95, which includes:

  • A full set of clubs tailored for beginner to intermediate skill levels.
  • A high-quality carry bag.
  • No additional upgrades are necessary, but individual clubs can be added to customize the set further.
Cobra Women’s F-Max Complete Set


  • Ideal for golfers seeking maximum distance
  • Excellent forgiveness keeps frustration low
  • Lightweight design reduces fatigue


  • Might want to upgrade after significant skill progression
  • More expensive than some starter options

4. TaylorMade Kalea

If you're looking for a premium set with sleek style and cutting-edge technology, the Kalea delivers.

This is for the golfer who wants high-performance gear and a touch of luxury.

TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Set

Our Take

0out of 10

A superb investment for serious beginners who want the best technology and a premium golfing experience.

Key Benefits

  • Speed & Forgiveness: Lightweight construction and advanced weighting unlock easy distance without sacrificing forgiveness.
  • Premium Materials: Kalea sets feature premium shafts, grips, and headcovers.
  • Sophisticated Look: This set stands out with its sleek design and quality finishes.
  • Maximum Loft: Get help launching the ball high and far, even with slower swing speeds.
  • Top Golf Brand: TaylorMade is renowned for innovation and quality across all skill levels.


The TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Set is priced at $1,669.95, which includes:

  • A full, comprehensive set designed for immediate use on the course.
  • While upgrades are not necessary, TaylorMade offers accessories and individual clubs for those looking to customize their experience further.
TaylorMade Kalea Complete Golf Set


  • Ideal for golfers seeking top-tier performance and style
  • Excellent for gaining distance and improving accuracy
  • Durable design with top-end materials


  • Highest price point on our list
  • Might want to consider a fitting for personalized specs

5. Aspire XD1 Women’s Golf Clubs

This set is the definition of a budget-friendly starter kit.

It's perfect if you want to get on the course without breaking the bank and figure out if you love the game.

Our Take

0out of 10

The Aspire XD1 Women’s Golf Clubs Complete Set offers incredible value for those new to golf, providing all the necessary tools to start the game without overwhelming beginners with unnecessary complexity or a high price tag.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Coverage: You get every club you need – driver, woods, hybrids, irons, putter, and bag.
  • Forgiving Design: Perimeter weighting offers some help on less-than-perfect swings.
  • Women-Specific Specs: Flex, lengths, and lie angles designed with women in mind.
  • Fun Color Options: Adds a touch of personality to your golf gear.
  • Unbeatable Price: One of the most affordable complete sets on the market.


The Aspire XD1 Women’s Golf Clubs Complete Set's price starts at $349.99, which includes:

  • A complete set ready for the course.
  • While the set is comprehensive, individual upgrades or additional clubs are available to cater to evolving needs.
Aspire XD1 Women’s Golf Clubs Complete Set


  • Super affordable way to get started golfing
  • All the essential clubs included
  • Forgiving enough to boost confidence


  • May not offer the same distance potential as higher-end sets
  • Less customizable in terms of specs

6. Tour Edge Moda Silk Golf

This set blends performance with eye-catching style. If you want forgiving clubs and a golf bag that stands out from the crowd, Tour Edge has something for you.

Tour Edge Moda Silk Golf Complete Set

Our Take

0out of 10

A great choice for beginners who want a blend of performance, forgiveness, and vibrant style in their golf gear.sharemore_vert

Key Benefits

  • High-Launch Design: Get effortless distance thanks to high-lofted clubs and a low center of gravity.
  • Maximum Forgiveness: Large, perimeter-weighted clubheads reduce the impact of those off-center hits.
  • Bold Style: Colorful accents and a premium bag look cool on and off the course.
  • Flexible Setup: Available in full sets or as individual iron/hybrid sets.
  • Trusted Brand: Tour Edge designs quality clubs for various skill levels.


The Tour Edge Moda Silk Golf Complete Set's price starts at $589.88, which includes:

  • A complete, ready-to-play set with a high-quality cart bag.
  • Tour Edge also offers the option to purchase individual clubs or accessories to complement the set.
Tour Edge Moda Silk Golf Complete Set


  • Ideal for golfers seeking maximum distance and forgiveness
  • Eye-catching colors and bag design add personality.
  • Options available to personalize your set


  • May feel outgrown after a couple of seasons of skill improvement
  • Style might not be for everyone

7. Precise M5 Women’s Right-Handed

This set is a smart option for the absolute beginner on a tight budget. It gets you all the essentials to get out on the course without fancy bells and whistles.

Precise M5 Ladies Women’s Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set

Our Take

0out of 10

A solid choice for true beginners on an extremely tight budget who want a fun set to get started on the golf course.sharemore_vert

Key Benefits

  • Beginner-Friendly: Oversized clubheads and offset design help beginners make solid contact.
  • Complete Set: Includes all the clubs you need from driver to putter.
  • Budget-Conscious: One of the most affordable women's sets on the market.
  • Shaft Options: Available in both graphite and steel shafts to match your preference.
  • Fun Design: Bright colors and a modern style add a touch of personality.


The Precise M5 Ladies Women’s Complete Right-Handed Golf Clubs Set is priced at $399.99, which includes:

  • A full set of clubs ready for course play.
  • While the set is comprehensive as is, additional accessories or individual clubs for further customization are available.
Precise M5 Ladies Women’s Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set


  • Super affordable way to start the game
  • Forgiving design helps build confidence
  • Choice of shaft materials


  • May not offer the same distance or feel as premium sets
  • Less well-known brand

8. Nitro Blaster Women’s Golf Set

This set promises maximum forgiveness at an ultra-affordable price point. If you want all the necessities to hit the links for a bargain, keep Nitro Blaster on your radar.

Nitro Blaster Women’s Golf Set

Our Take

0out of 10

It is a perfect way to test the waters of golf without overcommitting financially. While not the highest performing, it's incredibly budget-friendly.sharemore_vert

Key Benefits

  • Super Forgiving: Oversized clubheads with a low center of gravity help launch the ball higher, even on mishits.
  • Lightweight Build: Graphite shafts and a lightweight bag reduce fatigue on the course.
  • Complete Coverage: You get a driver, woods, hybrids, irons, putter, and bag!
  • Unbeatable Price: Often the most affordable option on the market.


The Nitro Blaster Women’s Golf Set is priced at $229.99, which includes:

  • A complete set of clubs and a stand bag.
  • There are no specific upgrades advertised, but the set provides a solid foundation for beginners.
Nitro Blaster Women’s Golf Set


  • Ideal for true beginners on an absolute minimum budget
  • All the essential clubs included at a rock-bottom price
  • Easy to swing due to the lightweight construction


  • Distance potential might be limited compared to higher-end sets
  • Nitro is a lesser-known brand in the golf space

9. Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

This set is a solid all-around option for beginners seeking a balance of forgiveness, affordability, and style. It's a versatile choice for golfers starting their journey.

Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

Our Take

0out of 10

A great choice for beginners who want a well-rounded set with a touch of style at a reasonable price point.

Key Benefits

  • Game Improvement Design: Oversized clubheads and perimeter weighting offer forgiveness.
  • Distance Potential: Optimized lofts and lightweight build help unlock your power.
  • Fun Color Options: Available in a few vibrant colors for personal style.
  • Complete Set: Features a full range of clubs and a matching bag.
  • Mid-Range Price: Strikes a balance between affordability and performance.


The Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set is priced at $429.99, which includes:

  • A comprehensive set designed for immediate use.
  • While the set is well-rounded, additional accessories or individual clubs are available for golfers looking to customize their experience.
Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set


  • Ideal for golfers seeking a balanced set with room to grow
  • Forgiving design with potential for distance
  • Multiple color options add a personal touch


  • Experienced players may outgrow the technology quickly
  • Not as well-known as some top-tier golf brands

Key Considerations

When diving into the world of golf, knowing what to look for in a women's beginner golf club can make all the difference. Here are essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Forgiveness: Larger club heads and perimeter weighting give you a greater margin for error, boosting confidence.
  • Shaft Flex: Most women's sets feature a ladies flex (L) or senior flex (A) for effortless distance, even with a smoother swing.
  • Shaft Material: Graphite shafts are lighter than steel, which helps with clubhead speed and distance.
  • Loft Angles: Look for lofts designed to maximize launch and distance, giving your shots a fighting chance.
  • Set Composition: Consider if you want a complete set (best for total beginners) or the flexibility to select individual clubs over time.
  • Brand Reputation: Stick with trusted golf brands known for quality and innovation.
  • Price: Set yourself a realistic budget. Don't sacrifice critical elements for the cheapest option.

Choosing the right women's beginner golf club involves balancing quality, performance, and value to find a set that not only fits your physical requirements but also supports your learning curve and growth in the game.

How Does the Right Beginner Golf Set Shape Your Journey?

Choosing the right beginner golf club is a pivotal step that can significantly influence your golfing journey.

The correct set not only eases the learning curve but also enhances your enjoyment and progression in the sport.

Clubs designed specifically for beginners often feature more forgiving clubfaces and flexible shafts, which can accommodate slower swing speeds and improve ball flight.

This forgiveness is crucial for building confidence on the course, as it helps reduce the discouragement that can come from frequent mishits.

Moreover, a set that suits your physical characteristics and swing style can lead to a more comfortable and natural golfing experience, laying a solid foundation for improvement and love for the game.

Buyers Guide: How We Conducted Our Research

To ensure our recommendations for the Best Women's Beginner Golf Clubs were comprehensive and trustworthy, we followed a meticulous research process. Here’s how we did it:

  • Pricing: We compared how much each set cost, considering both affordability and value for money to cater to a wide range of budgets.
  • Features: We evaluated the best features of each product, focusing on club composition, shaft material and flex, club length and loft, weight and balance, grip size, and forgiveness, to ensure they meet the specific needs of beginner female golfers.
  • Negatives: We identified what was missing from each product, considering potential limitations or drawbacks that could affect a beginner's experience and progress.
  • Support or Refund: We looked into whether the manufacturers offer a community, support, or refund policy, providing added value and assurance to the buyer.

These steps helped us create a balanced and informative guide, ensuring that our readers can make an educated decision based on pricing, features, negatives, and support or refund options.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the best women's beginner golf clubs sets the foundation for a fun and successful learning experience.

Whether you're focused on maximum forgiveness, sleek premium sets, or budget-friendly options, our guide has armed you with some top contenders!

Remember, a set that's forgiving and easy to hit will help you build confidence more quickly.

Consider factors like brand reputation, shaft materials, and your budget as you make your final decision. Ready to hit the golf course?

With quality clubs designed for beginner golfers, your golf game is about to take off – literally!

Think of those high-flying shots off the tee and satisfying iron swings with those forgiving cavity back irons. Let's get golfing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes golf clubs suitable for beginner women?

Golf clubs suitable for beginner women often feature lightweight graphite shafts, higher lofts, and larger clubheads for maximum forgiveness. These attributes help accommodate slower swing speeds, making it easier to hit the ball higher and further.

How many clubs does a beginner woman golfer need?

A beginner woman golfer typically needs between 7 to 9 clubs, including a driver, one or two fairway woods, a hybrid, several irons (5-9), a pitching wedge, and a putter. This range covers most playing situations without overwhelming the player with too many choices.

Are expensive golf clubs worth it for beginners?

While expensive women's golf clubs often offer advanced technology and materials, they are not necessary for beginners. Affordable sets designed for beginners can provide the necessary features to learn and enjoy the game without the hefty price tag.

Can men's golf clubs be used by beginner women?

While some women can use men's golf clubs, women's clubs are generally lighter, shorter, and have more flexible shafts to suit the typical physical characteristics and swing styles of female golfers. Using clubs designed for women can significantly improve comfort and performance.

How often should beginner golf clubs be replaced?

Beginner golf clubs should be replaced when they no longer suit the golfer's skill level or physical changes. Typically, beginners might look to upgrade their clubs after a few years of playing as their skills and preferences develop.